Sitting pretty in my 40s I am a skin care enthusiast and self proclaimed mascara expert who owns too many cushions. I believe that if its pink, its better. I find peace on my yoga mat, a long run and all senses of the ocean.

Mama to three humans – Noah, my big boy who is magic with a ball, adores his people & radiates goodness. Holly, my tiny person who is partial to a nap, quick to laugh & has immeasurable sweetness. Harrison, my baby who boldly shows his colours, blazing and determined.

Wife to a handsome man with a decent beard – Matt, strong and dependable who supports my crazy whims and the need to race through life with lightning speed.

I believe that behind every hardship is a life lesson that will make you a better person. I love to write and this journal is my story of my life that love built.

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